Real Alien Autopsy?

This is an alien picture from the alleged Roswell alien autopsy. In 1947, something happened in New Mexico that would spark a firestorm of interest in aliens and extraterrestrial life. It was reported locally that a flying saucer had crashed. People were in an uproar and it wasn't long before the government had stepped in and quickly started to offer other explanations. The government quickly blamed a weather balloon for the hysteria. However, some locals and eye witnesses will tell a different story. Investigations into the original government claims have proved those claims to be weak to say the least. The U.F.O. crash at Roswell is probably the most imortant crash in history and is believed by many to have been the first real contact made with aliens in modern history. There are many who say that within the U.F.O. wreckage found, there were actual bodies of real alien beings. The government was said to quickly rush these bodies away. There are even reports that one alien was still living. Although the alien autopsy footage that surfaced years later has been called a hoax by some, the images from it are interesting all the same. Whether the real alien autopsy is genuine or fake, the incident at Roswell remains a mystery and the stories, conspiracy theories and possibilities from that fateful day remain endless.

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Andreas & Miriam said...

It is the real deal! But it is not from Roswell it is from the plains of Sta. Magdalena/Socorro NM. 180 miles from Roswell it crashed some days later after the first two had crashed near Roswell (Mc Brazel).There was one surviver, we have an interview of the Chief of the fire Brigade ( They were the first in place 7 min before the military people.They comunicated all telepathicaly with the surviving Alien.