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We hope that you enjoy our Real Aliens, Alien Pictures and Real Alien Video. Please feel free to comment and leave your opinions or theories on any of the real aliens or UFO Videos. We make no claim of the authenticity of any of the alien pictures or UFO Video contained within our site. We are simply here to provide interesting pictures and information that we find on the subject of real aliens or U.F.O.'s. Are Aliens Real? Although there are many aliens and U.F.O. hoaxes out there, it is hard to deny that there is probably life out there as well. The new age of computer technology has managed to generate many convincing alien pictures and alien video, while inadvertently taking away credibility for the things that many people know to be true. Far too many Alien and UFO related experiences have been reported for far too long. Aliens and UFO encounters have been documented for centuries. There is definitely something out there. The only question is, how do we prove it?