Nasa UFO Footage on Fox News

This UFO Video shows video captured by NASA and they seems to actually acknowledge the existence of UFO's! The former astronaut being interviewed by the morning show attempts a few weak explanations, even holding up a tiny wrench as an excuse. These types of UFO's have been filmed by NASA on many occasions and are seen pulsating and changing direction rapidly. The common excuse is "debris", but some of what has been captured appears very large in size. And since when does debris pulsate or change directions? If NASA astronauts are dropping that many things in outer space, then maybe they should raise the physical and mental requirements for becoming an astronaut. Look for a new post featuring a video of the "tether incident" in which these same type objects are filmed moving behind a 12 mile long tether. The size and distance of the tether seems to act as a great measuring tool for a few BIG UFO's!

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