Denver Man Claims to Have Filmed Real Alien!

This is a still shot from the famous Denver alien video shot by Stan Romenek. Romanek claims to have set up his camera to catch a peeping tom. The footage has supposedly been analyzed by experts and deemed authentic. This is still not convincing enough to some people who claim that the footage is of nothing more than a puppet. The real footage is unavailable to the public, although there are plenty of Denver alien fakes on the net claiming to be the real deal. My opinion is that there must be something to the film, otherwise it would not have caused such a firestorm of controversy.
Many people claiming that it is a hoax have not even seen the film and the fact that it looks like a puppet to some people doesn't discredit the alien footgage in my opinion. Most of the puppets and images that are created today are based on the reports of people who claim to have seen an alien. Those reports from people who had never met or heard of each other were near identical, so the image of the familiar alien as we know it was born. So is it possible that the original descriptions of the grey alien were accurate and what Romanek filmed was real? I really hope that a simple puppet outside a window was not capable of producing such hype. Major media coverage and one man named Jeff Peckman's efforts to create an extraterrestrial affairs commission in the city of Denver have circulated around this alleged alien footage. The film is said to still be under review, but is scheduled to be included in an upcoming documentary. This should be the first time the general public will be able to view the now famous alien video.

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Raj Nathani said...

What is the name of the upcoming documentary?