The Battle of Los Angeles - UFO?

The Battle of Los Angeles is an event that is often unheard of or forgotten. However, it could be the most important event in the history of alien experiences. The year was 1942 shortly after our country had entered the war. The military spotted an unidentified flying object over the city and immediately assumed that it was a japanese aircraft. There was a blackout in the city as the air raid sirens were sounded and the military positioned itself for attack.
Spotlights flooded the craft and the assault began. For what some say was over an hour (although other reports say 20 minutes) our military unleashed a firestorm of bullets and anit- aircraft artillery at the alien spacecraft. However, they were unsuccessful at bringing down the strange object in the sky. At least one person in the area died of heart failure because of the panic brought forth from this object. A cease fire was eventually called and the questions immediately began to surface. Having absolutely no answers as to what the UFO was initially, the military soon came forward with an explanation. You guessed it. A weather balloon. Our military had engaged in battle with a balloon. In this battle, that they had apparently lost, nobody seemed to notice, even with multiple spotlights that they were firing at a weather balloon. They were also unable to bring down this balloon, even with the awesome firepower unleashed upon it. Tough balloon? Or something else? Five years later, the most famous alleged U.F.O. crash in history occured in Roswell NM. The government was there to pick up the pieces and once again, let the public know that it was nothing more than a weather balloon that had crashed that day. Something seems strange about both of these occurences and it seems like the public has been left in the dark. (in my opinion) What do you think?